martes, 19 de septiembre de 2023

Novedades Java 21

¡Java 21 ya está aquí! y vamos a celebrarlo y revisar lo que trae esta nueva versión de nuestro lenguaje y plataforma favoritos. Y lo haremos coincidiendo con la misma fecha de la release.
En esta ocasión, como ya anunciamos antes del verano, tendremos una charla un poco distinta, algo un poco más coral en la que varios de nosotros podremos explicar las distintas funcionalidades que trae esta nueva versión.
No solo la charla, después de la sesión, durante el networking, podremos compartir experiencias, comentar qué esperamos que nos aporte esta nueva versión o cuál es la funcionalidad que crees que supondrá un verdadero cambio en tu forma de programar.
¡Vente! ¡Te esperamos!


miércoles, 13 de septiembre de 2023

Developer Productivity Engineering: What's in it for me?

It may surprise you to learn that we developers are a patient, tolerant species. People pay us to do what we enjoy - write code and create working applications. In return, we will put up with all sorts of blockages and toil that get in the way of this - long build times, flaky tests, hard-to-debug toolchain failures and so on.

Is this truly the price we need to pay? Could there be a better world, where the build is as fast as it could possibly be? A world where problems that affect many developers are quickly identified and fixed?

Welcome to the world of Developer Productivity Engineering, where we can get computers to do what they’re good at (automation) to make developers’ lives easier, and make us more effective at our jobs. And while developer joy may be a difficult thing to sell to decision-makers, effective developers who are making the best use of their time, and their hardware, have a direct impact on an organization’s ROI.

In this talk, Trisha will explore what DPE is, give you some practical ways to get started, and discuss ways to help the leaders in your organisation to understand the enormous value DPE could unlock.

About Trisha

Trisha is a software engineer, Java Champion and author. Trisha has developed Java applications for a range of industries of all sizes, including finance, manufacturing and non-profit, and she's a lead developer advocate at Gradle. She has expertise in Java high-performance systems and dabbles with Open Source development.

Trisha’s exceptionally passionate about sharing things that help real developers. That might be: getting them up to speed on the latest version of Java; teaching them tips and tricks to improve their productivity; or promoting healthy technical communities across the globe. Trisha values helping all developers level up their career and skills at every step of their journey.

Read more from Trisha in the books “Head First Java”, “Getting to Know IntelliJ IDEA”, “97 Things Every Java Developer Should Know” and “What to Look for in a Code Review”.