martes, 28 de noviembre de 2023

Couchbase through Examples with Spring Boot

You might not yet be familiar with Couchbase. It's a distributed JSON database with an integrated caching layer. It features a variety of services allowing developers to choose, to make their own trade-off, for different use cases like Key/Value, Cache, Document, SQL, Fulltext search, Analytics, Eventing, Data synchronization and more. All in one box. It's more of a Data Platform than a Database. In this presentation, we will offer a tour of Couchbase’s features by building an application using Spring, Liquibase and testcontainer.

About Laurent Doguin

Laurent is a nerdy metalhead who lives in Paris. He mostly writes code in Java and structured text in AsciiDoc, and often talks about data, reactive programming and other buzzwordy stuff. He is also a former Developer Advocate for Clever Cloud and Nuxeo where he devoted his time and expertise to helping those communities grow bigger and stronger. He now runs Developer Relations at Couchbase.


martes, 14 de noviembre de 2023

Primeros pasos con Kotlin

En esta sesión, de la mano de Juan José Aguililla, vamos a poner la vista en uno de esos lenguajes de la JVM que lleva un tiempo subiendo en popularidad gracias a su potencia, su mayor concisión en la sintáxis y su facilidad de aprendizaje.
Y esperamos que esta sea la primera de una nueva serie de charlas sobre Kotlin.