jueves, 22 de febrero de 2024

The Emperor Has No Docs

Software, like board games, needs instructions. Should I draw a card or play my card first? Will the connection be reused, or should I use a connection pool? In heroic tales, a protagonist needs directions from elder scrolls to user magical artifacts and complete their mission.In this talk, Ignasi will explain his journey from neglecting docs to considering them an important step on the software delivery cycle.

Ignasi will share tips ant tricks he’s been collecting over the years and focus on which habits he adopted to make sure he doesn’t forget docs. Ignasi will also share the types of audience and cases where documentation can save time and money to your organization.

After discussing the importance of documentation within several teams, Ignasi will try to counter the usual arguments and excuses those who don’t document often use. No, the code is not the documentation, the code doesn’t tell the whole story. You can have a strong type system restricting how to call an API and still be an unusable API: “Hmm, I need a Token here, where do I get it?”.

Join Ignasi for a talk about board games, child tales, and embarrassing PRs. This talk targets beginner/daily user/experts alike.


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