martes, 26 de abril de 2022

Madrid-GUG Abril 2022 (Online): Groovy 4 Update

We have a new guest in our group. This time VP Apache Groovy and Chair of the Apache Groovy PMC, Dr Paul King (@paulk_asert) will talk (in English) about "Groovy 4 Update":

This talk looks at the latest features in Groovy 4. Groovy 4 builds on the reworked parrot parser introduced in Groovy 3 adding records, sealed classes, switch expressions and a language integrated query mechanism. In addition, numerous large scale refactoring efforts streamline the Groovy codebase, there are new built-in type checkers and macro methods, a JavaShell, design-by-contract support, TOML parsing and building support, and alignment of numerous features with Java up to JDK 17.

About Paul: Dr Paul King is a JavaOne Rockstar who has been contributing to open source projects for over 30 years. He is an active committer on numerous projects including Groovy, GPars and Gradle. Paul speaks at international conferences, publishes in software magazines and journals, and is a co-author of Manning’s best-seller: Groovy in Action, 2nd Edition. He is also VP Apache Groovy and Chair of the Apache Groovy PMC.



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