martes, 20 de septiembre de 2022

September 2022: Groogle, when Google meet Groovy

After the summer break we restart our monthly-ish meetups. In this time Jorge Aguilera (@pvidasoftware) will give a talk in ENGLISH about Groogle, a Groovy DSL we built on top of Google APIs.

After a while working with the Google API Java Library I realized I was repeating lot of lines of code in every project so I wrote a small DSL (domain specific language), who offer the power of these APIs to users without specific programming knowledges Groogle is a DSL in Groovy who allows to the user work with Drive, Sheet, Gmail and more Google Services without the complexity of Java projects. Only edit the script with your editor and run it from a terminal.

In this talk I'll guide to you how easy is to create a new DSL using Groovy and let the user the freedom to write programs they understand basically because they are using their own language.


Source code:
Enlace al meetup:

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