miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2022

Proxy Pattern Deep Dive

Everybody knows the proxy pattern, but how can you use it effectively? What kinds of proxy patterns are available and how can you build patterns more effectively with these? Why is reflection needed for this? Most importantly, how can we only use the Core JDK?

In this talk we will start from the basics and move straight on to DynamicProxies, Dynamic-/Static-ObjectAdapter, DynamicStaticProxies at runtime and more.
Would it influence your team members to start using functional aspects in your Core Java Project?
How we can combine this with other pattern, Invokedynamic or maybe with another language such as Kotlin?

We will have a detailed view on the possibilities to reduce the amount of code with this Pattern, and we will see how we could make it more generic.
One of the main points will be the combination of this patterns with for example NestedBuilder-Pattern and more.
After this you will have a better understanding of this pattern group from the practical point of usage. All pattern are build up from scratch, to give a feeling of the way to develop your own pattern based on this talk, or how you could change it for the needs of your project.

We will have a deep dive into this pattern group, which I am sure you will enjoy. This talk is based on the German book "Dynamic Proxies" written by Dr. Heinz Kabutz and myself.

About Sven Ruppert:
Sven spent almost 20 years as a consultant worldwide in automotive, aerospace, insurance, banking, UN and WorldBank before joining JFrog as a developer advocate. Sven has been giving lectures at international conferences and regularly publishing online and in classic magazines and books for nearly ten years. As a developer advocate for JFrog, Sven deals with DevSecOps, cybersecurity and cyberdefense, and traditional developer topics such as Core Java/Kotlin, mutation, and distributed unit testing.


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